Fun At Waves

Fun At Waves

This photo is selected to be featured in I became one among 339 Street Photographers around the world and one among 34 Street Photographers from India.


6 comments on “Fun At Waves

  1. Julie Storry says:

    Well done, SS. This is a fine selection of silhouettes, with the angles of the various arms making quite an impact. Good that the judges selected your shot.

  2. Black and white always reveals more of the actual scene than color. Color leaves nothing to our imagination. I was in Japan, in 1953-1956, when Fuji and Kodak both came out with 35mm color film, and I tried it. Up until then all of my photos were in black and white and I still have them as well as the negatives. I was afraid the color pictures would fade so I was reluctant to take many pictures of Japan in color. I still have those color pictures and they have not faded out. But I still like the black and white ones the best.

    I do like your photography of India people, places and scenes like the one above of the people cavorting on the beach in the ocean. Though I have never been in your country I have, over the years, seen a lot of movies or documentaries about India and liked them very much. I like the elephants that are taken for granted and left to live their lives though some do haul logs. I like the monkeys that are allowed to do their thing where they live. You have a terrific photo blog here. I welcome you to our like-minded, photography, community.

  3. Hi Stalin, I do love a silhouette and I love the energy of this one. BTW thanks for the like of some my shots. I will be have a closer look through your work. Cheers, Michael

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